Redberry Infusion Pyramid Tea Bags

25 Tea Bags

Packed with flavoursome fruitiness, this caffeine-free infusion features rosehip, hibiscus, apple, orange and red berry flavours.

Single Estate:
Having stayed at a hotel by Westminster Bridge at the end of last year where they had Drury pyramid tea bags, I was able to try various flavours and absolutely loved the Redberry Infusion. It has the most exquisite flavours with rosehip, hibiscus, etc and has to be the King of fruit teas! I live in Germany and have just received my order of 700 Redberry tea bags as I just had to get a supply of these because having tried it, this one stands out by far from other makes, love it!
Beautiful tea. Strong and flavoursome and you can even use the same tea bag twice!
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