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Drury Pyramid Tea Bags

Why Pyramids ?

  • The large pyramid shape allows tea to brew more effectively as the leaves have room to expand.
  • The fine mesh allows the true flavour of the tea or infusion to shine through.
  • The unique weighing and packing system used on the Fuso machine allows large leaf teas to be used as well as whole herbs and spices.
  • The tea bag material (called Soilon) is made from cornstarch and is biodegradable and plastic-free.
  • We use exactly the same blends for both our leaf teas and pyramid tea bags - ensuring maximum quality and flavour.
  • At Drury we pack all our pyramid tea bags in house on our own two Fuso machines, using all the experience we've gained since we blended our first tea back in 1936.
  • We are proud to announce that all the packaging on our NEW 25 packs are either biodegradable or compostable.

Great for the home, offices or catering alike.