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Using our Shop

Using our Mail Order Shop

Welcome to our MAIL ORDER web shop.This is a short guide to help you get the best out of using this software.

We know that our customers loved some of the features on our old system but unfortunately we had to retire it. When it came time to look for an alternative we looked at how flexible the system could be and try to get some of these well loved features included. Though some of these features are not obvious on this mail order system, they are present.

Category Page Add To Basket

Our customers, we know loved the ability to purchase goods straight from the category page as this was always quicker then clicking into each product.

The feature on this system is called "Quick View" and is present if you select the four box icon at the top of the product area. ( See image below )

Saved Shopping Baskets

Customers also loved the ability to save shopping baskets. This was a brilliant feature on our old system.

On this new one once you have placed an order it creates a history of purchased products. If you then login to your profile and view orders there is a feature that allows you to re purchase.

Shopping Basket

At any time you can control your products by using the drop down at the top of the screen.

This maybe not as flexible as the previous system but we hope these little tips will help a little.

Thank you for your patience.

Though our front end system has changed we can assure you that our products are still the same high quality goods you are used to.

If you have anything to say please get in touch. We would prefer constructive criticism than deathly silence.

Best Regards

The Drury Tea & Coffee Co Ltd.



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