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Coffee Capsules

We are sorry, but due to supply chain issues we do not have any capsules in stock.

Drury's own Nespresso Compatible Capsules.
( Available in Retail packs of 10 and Bulk packs of 60's )

  • Gunnery Blend
  • Cuidado Blend
  • Classico Blend
  • Decaffeinated Blend

Available in packs of 10's and 60's

Blended with 100% arabica coffees sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

Origin: Brazil, Honduras, Colombia

Flavours: caramel; lemon zest acidity; lemon cake sweetness; caramel body; cinnamon and cocoa finish.

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Available in packs of 10's and 60's

A traditional espresso blend of fine quality Arabica and robusta coffees. Strong and full-flavoured.

Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Uganda, Vietnam

Flavours: dark chocolate; blueberry muffin; lime zest; cranberry.

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Available in packs of 10's and 60's

The Sidamo region of Ethiopia has a well-deserved reputation for quality coffee, with a truly diverse spectrum of flavours. This high-grown arabica is no exception with its beautiful balance between bright acidity and mellow sweetness.

Origin: Ethiopia

Flavours: dark chocolate; caramel wafer; lemon acidity; grapefruit finish.

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Available in packs of 10's and 60's

A balanced and well-structured blend of honey and washed processed coffees from El Salvador and Colombia, this espresso is sweet and complex.

Origin: El Salvador, Colombia

Flavours: caramel; pecan; cherry acidity; dark chocolate aftertaste.

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Coffees of the Americas

Available in packs of 10's and 60's

This superb coffee is gently decaffeinated by washing with pure glacier water from Mexico's highest mountain, Pico de Orizaba. This chemical-free method produces a coffee that is richly flavoured, full-bodied & 99.9% caffeine free.

Origin: Mexico

Flavours: chocolate; pecan; caramel.

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