Green tea with Black Cherry Pyramid Tea Bags

25 Tea Bags

Finest quality Chinese Chun Mee green tea, delicately scented with natural black cherry flavouring. Deliciously sweet and fruity, but with a remarkably balanced flavour, this light liquoring tea should always be drunk without milk.

Ingredients: green tea, natural black cherry flavouring

Single Estate:
First time I bought this tea in December 2019 as a Christmas gift for my boss. he loves it so much that he doesn`t want to drink any other tea but this one. black cherry is his favourite :)
my colleague from the office, as well as myself, are big fans, of this tea too.
I`ve just re-ordered 4 packs of it.
thank you Drury for such a wonderful tea, and a gift in my parcel :)
I`ll be definitely returning for more.
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