All in One Coffee Maker

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 This coffee maker looks like a thermos flask but checkout what is hidden inside. It has a grinder, a dripper with built-in filter, a jug and a mug, and only weighs 470g

The Top part with an outlet serves as a jug for water pouring. Grind the beans using a grinder with ceramic burrs, adjustable grinding level and folded handle. Ground coffee from the grinder goes straight into a metal conical filter. Pour hot water through the ground beans to get your brew directly into a metal mug with an additional lid.

It is available in two colours: red and black. Its body made of metal and durable plastic.

  • 270ml drip pouring container
  • Ceramic conical burr grinder
  • Etched stainless steel filter dripper
  • Dual-wall insulated cup
  • Height 215mm x width 105mm


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