The Breakfast Collection ( 4 x 125g )

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If you need a kickstart in the morning, then this is the Tasting Selection for you.

Morning Choice:

Strong and full-bodied with a hint of tartness.

Breakfast Blend:

Bright, light and fresh with a subtle bite – and equally good after dinner!

Executive Blend:

A mixture of our Moka D'Or and High Mountain blends, the intensity of the dark roast is perfectly balanced with the bright notes of the light. Excellent at any time of the day and particularly good as a filter coffee.

Connoisseur’s Blend:

Smooth and mild, with aromatic hints from the Ethiopian Mocha coffee included in this blend.


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Packing & Grinding

With one exception (1Kg Beans) EVERY pack of Drury coffee sold via this website is prepared to order. We weigh, grind (if required) and pack your coffee in our heat-sealed foil bags which are equipped with a one-way valve that allows the freshly roasted coffee to release its wonderful-smelling aromas without letting any oxygen in, ensuring your coffee stays fresher for longer.

Packaging: Our 250g & 500g are currently LDPE 4 Recyclable.

We can supply our coffee in the following grinds, in ascending particle size:

Filter Fine
For all paper filters/drip coffee

For electric and lever espresso machines.*.

Moka Express
For all stove-top espresso brewers.

Medium Grind
For permanent filters and perculators.

For French Press or plunger coffee makers.

Whole Beans
For grinding at home.

* We calibrate our espresso grind using commercial espresso equipment to give an average across ALL machines and cannot grind specifically for different models. If your machine is particularly sensitive to variation in grind we recommend grinding at home.

A note on Aeropress coffee makers: one of the Aeropress’s great strengths is its flexibility in brewing - dose weight, grind and extracting pressure all have a part to play in this. For that reason one can select any grind from espresso to cafetiere for use in the Aeropress, depending on personal preference. For those new to this form of brewing we would recommend starting off with a medium ground coffee and taking it from there.