Our New Roastery and Headquarters

by Riccardo Olmi
Drury Tea & Coffee - New Roastery

Drury Tea & Coffee moved into our new roastery and headquarters in Woolwich at the end of June 2015 and what a move it was. It took us six months to fit out the new building and install our new equipment, whilst we also had to keep our existing site in Bermondsey fully operational.

We feel that this move is a significant step forward for Drury Tea & Coffee as we invest in a host of new facilities and initiatives designed to increase our production capacity and enhance our service levels. Highlights of the new factory are:

  1. A new 300 kilo Brambati batch coffee roaster which will almost quadruple our capacity to 2 million kilos per year. It's also cleaner and greener than our old roasting plant.
  2. We are doubling our coffee bean packing capacity with the installation of a new Technosys bean packer.
  3. We have enhanced our tea production facilities with a second Fuso pyramid tea bag machine and enveloper.

Further details and some photos of our new premises can be found at our Facebook page,



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