Drury Tea & Coffee are one of the best companies I deal with, nothing is too much trouble for them, they are brilliant with deliveries, and of course their products I would recommend to anyone.

Keep Up The Good Work - a lot of companies could learn from you on dealing with the public and service.
I have lost track of how long I've been using Drury for all my tea (I don't drink much coffee). I have yet to find a better range of green teas and the prices are among the best.

The delivery is 100% dependable. I have never been let down.
£4.95 to deliver a small bag of coffee! Seriously?
Our Reply ) We only use DPD carrier service as it give our customers up to date information when their parcel will be delivered and also give them the chance to re-direct or re-deliver to an hour slot. We feel this service is more important than cheap carriage which ends up with lost parcels.
Thank God for Drury. Five kg of coffee & 500g of tea on their way. Been using Drury for 20 years now. Always on time & excellent.
In the early 1990s whilst taking my lunch hour walk I came across the small Drury Shop near the south end of Waterloo Bridge. I started buying a 'quarter' of this and that whole beans from the range of Dark Roast Originals. I also came across the range of railway arches from which came the most delicious aromas.

Who would have thought that in 2015, having retired and moved more than 200 miles away, I would be ordering, on line, from the same range !

The coffee and the service as good as ever. Thank you Drury for giving me so much pleasure.
I would like to say thank you for the extraordinary after sales service. The way you and your driver kept me updated about the delivery was outstanding. A true highlight among all the other internet sellers / delivery companies.

I will keep your shop in mind and wish you success for the future.
As well as complimenting you on the quality of your products may I also say how pleased I am with the delivery service you use.

You sent me both a text and an email to tell me when (within an hour) the delivery would come. It arrived five minutes after the hour began. What a pleasure that is. Rather than the usual, which is to wait in all day (and often be disappointed).

This is another good reason to use your service and I thank you for it.
Sienna coffee always gets really positive comments from my friends, I drink decaffeinated and yours tastes as good as caffeinated - brilliant. Delivery always prompt. I bought the domestic rancilio machine for my husband for his birthday and it is excellent. Great service all round.
We first bought (mail order) from Drury 35 years ago when we lived in London. Our postman knocked one day to thank us for the fortnightly coffee packet and explained that he was fortified and delighted to inhale deeply from the Drury parcel as he made his rounds. We had 'found' Drury in New Row when we had offices in Covent Garden.

We now live in the middle of nowhere (rural Northants) and depend upon Drury for regular deliveries of our espresso beans. Our coffee is (locally)famous and a necessary component fuelling our family business. We have never had problems with Drury coffee quality or service. I am always amazed at how quickly and efficiently our beans arrive after sending our internet order. I am pretty sure that the family will be relying on Drury for the next 35 years.
The English Breakfast blend is by far the most superior and refreshing blend on the market. I'm a total convert as well as a large group of friends who now look forward to their morning cuppa!
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