What an amazing surprise we had on our return from our daily exercise outing - our tea order had arrived after sending it to you yesterday at 5pm. We can't believe the speed!
I love you guys and your teas and coffees, if I had a choice I wouldn’t buy tea or coffee from anywhere else ever again.

Thank you so much I am so pleased you are delivering! Hope you are staying safe and healthy too.
I just want to say thank you. In these difficult times, I ordered tea & coffee from you yesterday & it was delivered today, right after I'd run out of coffee. Brilliant service & cannot recommend you highly enough.
Really fresh coffee, a wonderful choice of varieties and roasts, and amazing tea selection too.
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We look forward to our morning cup of tea every day thanks to the quality of tea we get from Drury Tea & Coffee.
I've been shopping at the store in Covent Garden for over 10 years, best coffee in town!
Beautiful coffee and tea produced by a group of experts! Drury coffee is fantastic, great quality and a wide range of blends to choose from. The tea is equally amazing. The pyramid bags allow for a special taste, and inside you will find real leaves and dried ingredients like ginger or camomile! And if that wasn’t enough, Drury strives for sustainability and is also looking to innovate and make their impact smaller!
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Very easy to reorder excellent coffee
Whilst drinking my mug of Drury coffee this morning, my mind went back to 1990. In that year I started what was to be my final full time job, with an office in Waterloo Road. When taking my lunch time walk I soon came across the Drury railway arches from which emanated a delicious smell of roasting coffee beans and on hot summers days with the doors open one could see the work going on. I soon found the small shop at the South end of Waterloo Bridge where I could buy a small pack of the coffee I fancied. After retiring to the North Wales Coast you send my coffee to me so the link continues.

I didn’t like the job but I loved the coffee !!!!!!!!!!!!
Brilliant product, consistently so, and brilliant service too :-)
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