We first bought (mail order) from Drury 35 years ago when we lived in London. Our postman knocked one day to thank us for the fortnightly coffee packet and explained that he was fortified and delighted to inhale deeply from the Drury parcel as he made his rounds. We had 'found' Drury in New Row when we had offices in Covent Garden.

We now live in the middle of nowhere (rural Northants) and depend upon Drury for regular deliveries of our espresso beans. Our coffee is (locally)famous and a necessary component fuelling our family business. We have never had problems with Drury coffee quality or service. I am always amazed at how quickly and efficiently our beans arrive after sending our internet order. I am pretty sure that the family will be relying on Drury for the next 35 years.
I have bought many different loose leaf teas from Drury, both in the shop and online. My experiences with Drury are very positive. The teas are of high quality, including the blends. Russian Caravan is my personal favourite, but I also love the green and white teas. I have not been able to find similar quality elsewhere. Online ordering works well and delivery is quick. If you like coffee and/or tea, Drury is a great shop!
Sienna coffee always gets really positive comments from my friends, I drink decaffeinated and yours tastes as good as caffeinated - brilliant. Delivery always prompt. I bought the domestic rancilio machine for my husband for his birthday and it is excellent. Great service all round.
The English Breakfast blend is by far the most superior and refreshing blend on the market. I'm a total convert as well as a large group of friends who now look forward to their morning cuppa!
I first used Drury's Riserva espresso blend when I had a deli/coffee shop. The coffee combined with a good machine was soon called "the best in town". Now that I just have a home machine I still use the same coffee and (whilst not quite as good on my smaller machine) still makes a great cup, that is preferable to any of the supermarket blends or indeed those I have tried from other internet suppliers.

This quality is coupled with good prices and a very efficient service. Highly recommended.
I previously bought a Rancilio Espresso machine and always buy my espresso coffee from Drury. The only way to replicate the taste of real Italian coffee. Next step to buy a coffee grinder. Always fast and efficient with orders.
As usual my latest order for delivery of Moka D'Or coffee was handled very efficiently over he telephone by your staff in the shop. The order was delivered the next day. And the product is so good that I intend to continue getting all my tea and coffee from Drury.
In the 1990's I used to call at the Drury shop and collect a pack of Costa Rica Tarrazu or Old Brown Java beans. Now retired I order one of these on line. Sadly I can not get through the day without my morning mug! Always the best quality. Thank you.
I sadly cannot drink caffeinated coffee anymore but find I can still get a good flavour from your decaffeinated espresso and just cannot believe it is decaff.
I can thoroughly recommend Drury both for quality and reliable service. Ordering is simple and quick. The quality is miles above supermarket standard.
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