The best tea & coffee supplier - been using Drury for 25 years. I buy Breakfast Blend and Moca D'Or beans which I grind and use half&half in a simple cafetiere. I tend to vary what loose tea I get but for my husband and routine visitors, builders, farm contractors etc English Breakfast Blend tea bags win the day every day. Even I occasionally drink a Drury tea bag - I won't touch any of the standard "big" brands. Got used to the new snazzy website too now.
We have been using Drury for many years. Much better quality loose tea than any supermarket which we always make using the large tea bags, also purchased from Drury.
My father Mario Perdoni had a cafe in Rayners Lane Pinner for many years and before that at London Bridge.
Over all those 40 years he was a customer of the DruryTea and Coffee company.
I remember as a little girl writing out the cheques to pay for the goods.
He would never swap to any other company as he had a reputation for the best tea in London borough of Harrow, thanks to your tea.
I have been a Drury customer for years and I can honestly say it's the best coffee I have ever tasted and that includes all the commercial outlets. The delivery is first rate too.
We've been using Drury for coffee beans etc when we started in the restaurant in 2001 and have continued since with mini machine at home. Superb service every time we have needed anything. Thankyou.
Always enjoy your excellent coffee as well as the range of coffees on offer. I've been your customer for several years now, and enjoy my visits to your shop as much as the coffee.
Always The Best
I discovered Drury Tea & Coffee ten years ago, while looking for a Rancilio espresso machine and grinder. I bought a machine from them, and I've bought their superb coffee beans ever since. Now the trouble about going out for coffee is it's never as good as the Drury coffee I drink at home ...
Best coffee and service anywhere I found I use no other shop from the great range of coffees to the help guidance a must for a coffee lover
I love you tea. Always the best quality and flavour!
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