Karen in the Mail Order Department provided excellent service as she guided me through an online purchase using an American credit card ... a tricky process.

I tried the Rainforest Alliance Cuidado Espresso on a previous trip and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to purchase other Drury coffees to try.
Brilliant coffee!
Excellent team. Thank you!
Hi all, had the tea at a coffee shop and fell in love with it cant wait to get my hands on it and thought i'd try the 10 as well!
Without doubt, Drury's Jasmine tea is the best money can buy - it's exquisite. And the service is outstanding too!
The only coffee I consistently come back to is Drury's Cafe De Paris blend and combined with the great delivery service means buying from Drury is a pleasure.
I cannot say enough about the wonderful service that Drury Tea has been giving me for over 25 years...dealing with Karen is very easy and quite fun. Of course the tea is top notch and that fact that Drury will interface with the international shippers makes it very easy and very fast...i get the tea in 3 day from the order, shipped to the US!! Can't ask for anything more.
I would like to say how much we have always, and continue to, enjoy Drury coffee.

I think I must have been getting my coffee from you for at least 20 years, the last 10 as delivery since we moved from London.

I always tell anyone who shows the least interest in having a good cup of coffee at home how really, honestly good it is and I've even made gifts of it.

Now I can add your excellent customer service to my recommendation.
As ever Drurys provide excellent teas.
The best tea & coffee supplier - been using Drury for 25 years. I buy Breakfast Blend and Moca D'Or beans which I grind and use half&half in a simple cafetiere. I tend to vary what loose tea I get but for my husband and routine visitors, builders, farm contractors etc English Breakfast Blend tea bags win the day every day. Even I occasionally drink a Drury tea bag - I won't touch any of the standard "big" brands. Got used to the new snazzy website too now.
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