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We have been buying Drury coffee for years. Tried several blends and they are all excellent. Our current choice is Gran Reserva Espresso and Reserva Espresso. Also, when our Gaggia broke down, we looked at Drury to replace our coffee machine and bought a Rancilio Silvia and coffees are near perfect. We buy our coffee beans on-line and service has always been perfect (even when we had the BIG freeze last December, they managed to deliver!)
I have used Drury Coffee since 1992. Now I no longer work in central London I have used the mail order service for 2 or three years which I find excellent.

I have long preferred Drury Coffee to any 'similar' products mainly on taste, but also price and service. There has always been friendly and knowledgeable advice, and building up a working relationship with the staff I was told on one occasion that I would not like a particular coffee, based on what I had bought before - excellent service.

I will continue to use Drury I suppose forever. Some of my friends do so on my recommendation, but they are also comment for me to order for them.
I have been drinking Keemun tea for years, though it has only been available in specialist outlets until relatively recently. Drury has the best Keemun I have ever tasted.
We have been drinking No. 10 breakfast blend loose tea for over 30 years now and nothing else compares. When we go on holiday it is lovely to come back to a proper cup of tea to start the day
Your staff in the Drury Lane shop surpassed themselves yesterday. I ordered a largish consignment of coffees and teas just before noon on the 23rd., and it was delivered exactly 24 hours later to my house in Quorn, Leicestershire.

I've had an excellent relationship with Drury's for more than 20 years, and received a great fillip recently when celebrating my wife's birthday at Le Manoir, where I read the restaurant's paean to Drury's products. Ah! we thought.... but we were there first!
When I was in London in the early 80th last century, I learned about Drury's tee shop from a senior Shell officer (under some bows near shell centre) and bought some Assam Tea. Since then, whenever I returned to London, I bought some Assam, in the last years (when my visits became more seldom), I ordered a shipping by mail. We use the tea for breakfast and other occasions, very appreciated for the high quality of the flavour, strong, dry, clean and not perfumed or blended with other teas. The kind we ordered last has been judged as the best quality from your house.
After purchasing my Rancilio Rocky grinder back in 2009, it has surpassed by expectations and does a great job. I have also tried a number of different ground beans and always come back to my favourite .. Espresso Reale. A very reliable blend with a hint of bitterness & good crema plus lasting taste. Highly recommended. I use your on-line service and find it very efficient. I have since also visited your Covent Garden outlet & found your staff very helpful in selecting different blends and being able to buy small 125gm 'taster' bags.

Thanks for the great products.
Simply the best tea, and great service.
We have been buying Gran Riserva Espresso Coffee Beans form Drury for some years now and have always found they deliver a superb cup of coffee, especially with the Rancilio equipment. Put simply, our coffee is better than the chain cafes by a long way
we love your coffee - which is why we keep re-ordering.
we like how easy it is to re-order with your save ya basket thing...
(ok, it took me a few orders to realise i should have been saving it).
and we are always surprised by how lightening quick we get our order! NEXT DAY - it's amazing!

living in the back of beyond like we do, your mega swift delivery always takes us by surprise.
we love your coffee and love that our supply is always assured and uninterrupted.

with much gratitude,

Mr and Mrs Kirk, slurping Drury coffee beans every morning.
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