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I have just bought some loose tea from your web-site for the first time. It was quick and easy to use and I received my tea in next to no time. The tea is superb and I will be using you again and will recommend you to.
In the 1990's I used to call at the Drury shop and collect a pack of Costa Rica Tarrazu or Old Brown Java beans. Now retired I order one of these on line. Sadly I can not get through the day without my morning mug! Always the best quality. Thank you.
I sadly cannot drink caffeinated coffee anymore but find I can still get a good flavour from your decaffeinated espresso and just cannot believe it is decaff.
Your London Superior Blend appears to suit our Thames water and represent excellent value for money. Many years ago I used to visit your shop as I worked just up the road. Buying on line is more convenient today but I do miss the aroma of roasting coffee beans.
We received a Rancilio coffee machine and Drury coffee for a wedding present 7 years ago. We have been ordering it online since and we can't find a coffee to beat Roma for our taste. The service we have received has been exemplary too.

I first came across Drury Tea & Coffee when their roasting unit was under the arches at Waterloo Station - the aroma was divine and a wonderful pick-me-up on arriving at the station for work.

I became a shop customer more than 25 years ago, trying various combinations, until I found (and have stuck with) one I really liked it. At first I popped into the shop, then would phone an order to collect that evening until I was greeted by name at my request 'may I order some coffee please' and merely asked what time I would be in!

With the loss of the shop at Waterloo, mail order was suggested, a service I have found efficient, reliable and very quick. And despite the vagaries of the market, the prices have remained far more stable than other retailers. Now I'm up in Yorkshire I rely totally on mail-order, the coffee maker is rarely off and I've found nothing to compare the quality and flavour.

The only snag? With the new packaging, the postie doesn't get to savour the aroma!

Thank you so much for supplying us with great coffee (and excellent chocolate!) for the last two years. We really appreciate the choice, quality, and the prompt delivery time.

I have used Drury Coffee since 1992. Now I no longer work in central London I have used the mail order service for 2 or three years which I find excellent.

I have long preferred Drury Coffee to any 'similar' products mainly on taste, but also price and service. There has always been friendly and knowledgeable advice, and building up a working relationship with the staff I was told on one occasion that I would not like a particular coffee, based on what I had bought before - excellent service.

I will continue to use Drury I suppose forever. Some of my friends do so on my recommendation, but they are also comment for me to order for them.
We have been buying Drury coffee for years. Tried several blends and they are all excellent. Our current choice is Gran Reserva Espresso and Reserva Espresso. Also, when our Gaggia broke down, we looked at Drury to replace our coffee machine and bought a Rancilio Silvia and coffees are near perfect. We buy our coffee beans on-line and service has always been perfect (even when we had the BIG freeze last December, they managed to deliver!)
When I was in London in the early 80th last century, I learned about Drury's tee shop from a senior Shell officer (under some bows near shell centre) and bought some Assam Tea. Since then, whenever I returned to London, I bought some Assam, in the last years (when my visits became more seldom), I ordered a shipping by mail. We use the tea for breakfast and other occasions, very appreciated for the high quality of the flavour, strong, dry, clean and not perfumed or blended with other teas. The kind we ordered last has been judged as the best quality from your house.
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