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Drury Tea & Coffee - Gourmet Coffees

A selection of single estate, exotic, rare and unusual coffees, carefully roasted in small batches to ensure consistent freshness.

Due to limited availability from source we cannot guarantee continuity of supply of some varieties.

100g Pack, Australia

Australia’s oldest coffee-growing estate Skybury, has an enviable reputation for quality and sustainability. This washed Bourbon varietal arabica is completely processed on the farm in eastern Queensland and is so much more than just a curiosity. Complex, interesting and definitely a conversation-starter!

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100g Pack, Galapagos

With a unique micro-climate, partly influenced by the cold Humboldt current travelling northwards from the Antarctic, the island of San Cristobal (part of the larger Galapagos archipelago) produces stunning coffee from extremely mature (120 plus years) coffee trees. Grown under shade trees such as guava and orange, this washed Bourbon arabica with its restrained acidity really is something special indeed.

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100g Pack, Jamaica

Is there a more (in)famous coffee in the world? Possibly not, but it’s not all hype. Look beyond the eye-watering price and there’s a fabulous coffee that lends substance to the myth. Our Jamaican Blue Mountain is a washed arabica sourced via the Wallenford Coffee Company and is grown by independent farmers at elevations of 1000 metres.
Beautifully mellow and sweet, without a trace of bitterness but just enough bright acidity to balance everything out.

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