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Cafe De Paris Blend Coffee - 500g

Pure Arabica, 500g Pack ( Beans or Ground ), Blended Coffees, High Roast, Filter / Drip, Aeropress, Cafetiere
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High Roast

Richly roasted, highly reminiscent of French coffee, this blend makes a delightful after dinner drink.

  • Pure Arabica
Pack Weight:
500g Pack ( Beans or Ground )
Blends / Original:
  • Blended Coffees
  • High Roast
Suggested Use:
  • Filter / Drip
  • Aeropress
  • Cafetiere
Rainforest Alliance:
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My favourite Drury coffee and delivery service to match
The only coffee I consistently come back to is Drury's Cafe De Paris blend and combined with the great delivery service means buying from Drury is a pleasure.
A very strong, rich coffee. It's not the most subtle of flavours, but it's very satisfying none the less. One of my favourites.
Superb. I love strong coffee and this is strong!
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When purchasing coffee from us, it is important to select the right grind for your coffee making equipment.

You may ask why is this so complicated. The answer is that generic grinds that you get in supermarkets are not design to get the best flavour for your brew.

The various options are listed below.

Filter Fine
Fine Ground for domestic filter machines (perculator or drip) eg. Krups, Melitta.

Perfect for all electric and lever domestic espresso machines.

Espresso Ground for the Rancilio Silvia
The Rancilio Silvia is an incredibly powerful machine and so needs a finer than standard grind. Please Note. That we do test our grinds but it can be out by a slight margin and this margin can have a major effect in the way the coffee pours. We usually recomend the purchase of a grinder to sit by the Silvia.

Moka Express
For stove top espresso makers.

Medium Grind
Usually used for commercial pour over machines or old style Cona brew perculators.

Also known as french press or plunger coffee makers. Coarse ground.

Whole Beans
For people who have their own grinders. Buying in the bean and then grinding when the coffee is needed ensures the freshest possible brew.

Notes on The Aeropress

The Aeropress is a unique way of making coffee and gives you the flexibility using quantity of coffee, the grind and the pressure you exert. So when selecting grind for the Aeropress it is your choice from Espresso to Cafetiere ground.