Luxury Christmas Hamper

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The Drury Luxury Christmas Hamper is packed with an indulgent assortment of delicious British and Italian treats for the perfect end to your festive meal. Presented in a hand-made natural wicker and faux leather trim hamper, this is the ideal gift for lovers of tea, coffee and sweet treats. 

Gift contains:

  • 250g Drury Christmas Star Blend coffee
  • Drury Christmas Tea pyramid tea bags (15) in a caddy
  • 340g Tiptree Christmas Conserve
  • 454g Tiptree Christmas pudding*
  • 65g Lazzaroni Amaretti*
  • 80g Flamigni Panettoncino*
  • 125g Perugina Baci chocolates*
  • 130g Butlers ‘The Dessert Menu’ chocolates*
  • x2 50g Hotchocspoon Tiramisu chocolate stirrer*.

* May contain allergens.

Packed in a natural wicker hamper made from steamed autumn willow, finished with faux leather straps and carry handle. Dimensions: H200 x W425 x D285 mm

We can send a hamper/gift tray directly to the recipient and can even include a personalised message for you, so they know who sent it.  If you do wish to send a message, please type it in the ‘Customer’s Notes’ section of the checkout page and let us know it’s a gift so we don’t include the invoice.

Please note: Christmas decorations shown in the photos are not included!

Great gift full of goodies to make someone's christmas. comes in an attractive basket too!
Good value for money.
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Packing & Grinding

With one exception (1Kg Beans) EVERY pack of Drury coffee sold via this website is prepared to order. We weigh, grind (if required) and pack your coffee in our heat-sealed foil bags which are equipped with a one-way valve that allows the freshly roasted coffee to release its wonderful-smelling aromas without letting any oxygen in, ensuring your coffee stays fresher for longer.

We can supply our coffee in the following grinds, in ascending particle size:

Filter Fine
For all paper filters/drip coffee

For electric and lever espresso machines.*.

Moka Express
For all stove-top espresso brewers.

Medium Grind
For permanent filters and perculators.

For French Press or plunger coffee makers.

Whole Beans
For grinding at home.

* We calibrate our espresso grind using commercial espresso equipment to give an average across ALL machines and cannot grind specifically for different models. If your machine is particularly sensitive to variation in grind we recommend grinding at home.

A note on Aeropress coffee makers: one of the Aeropress’s great strengths is its flexibility in brewing - dose weight, grind and extracting pressure all have a part to play in this. For that reason one can select any grind from espresso to cafetiere for use in the Aeropress, depending on personal preference. For those new to this form of brewing we would recommend starting off with a medium ground coffee and taking it from there.